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MTB Trails

The following are Mountain Biking trails varying from 5.5km to 31km. These are available to ride when you stay with us. Changes to routes are possible. Riders will be notified about any changes upon arrival at Gourits River Guest Farm.


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Distance: 5.5km / Total Ascent: 163m / Difficulty: Easy

This is a short trail than can be hiked or cycled. Departing from Gouits River Guest Farm, you will cross the Vals river leading up to a ascent (2-3). Thereafter you will start a descent at (4-5), descending into the Gourits River and coming back along the river.

26 km

Distance: 26km / Total Ascent: 379m / Difficulty: Moderate

Starting at Gourits River Guest farm, you will go along the Gourits River for approx. 8km, taking you to the N2 road. By the N2, you will turn right and follow the gravel road which runs next to the N2. By the Keurfontein sign you will take a right (14), riding through the Garden Route Game Lodge. Exiting the Game Lodge, you will take another right at (19), leading you back to the farm.

31 km

Distance: 30km / Total Ascent: 542m / Difficulty: Moderate

This is almost the same trail as the 26km, except for 1km before the farm, you will take a left, crossing Vals River (26), ascending up the cliff and descending down (28) into the Gourits River. After descending you wil either have the choice of riding back along the river or going around the island.

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